Twitter Safety on Monday announced a feedback period for its upcoming crackdown on “synthetic and manipulated media,” which by Twitter’s definition could range from memes to fake news.

Trust us, you don’t want to hear from us. You’re gonna do what you’re gonna do anyway.

You mean like when that day laborer slowed down video of Nancy Pelosi so she sounded drunk? Good thing the media tracked that guy down and publicized that he’s on probation.

So, is Hillary Clinton among the first to violate the new terms of service by posting fake letters?

Like when someone posts photos of children in cages from 2014 and posts them as contemporary? Or when a verified blue-check journalist like Jose Antonio Vargas crops a photo of a protest and passes it off as a migrant child in a cage separated from his family? Why is this still up?

Us too.

That’s what it’s sounding like to us. Let’s all keep our eyes open during this “feedback period.”