First off, we wonder if Kamala Harris, with her 2 percent showing in Iowa, is considering auditioning to be a CNN political analyst; just check out this awesome analogy from Wednesday night:

That’s pretty good, but when you want to turn to a pro, you have to turn to CNN’s Chris Cillizza, who thinks President Trump is more like a nuclear reactor whose energies are channeled as effectively as possible (that’s good, right) through the introduction of control rods. Get it? Trump said Nancy Pelosi had a meltdown, but it’s more like Trump is melting down.

We’ll go ahead and spoil the ending for you:

While Pelosi didn’t specify what sort of “meltdown” she believed Trump was in the midst of, I think the appropriate metaphor is that of a nuclear meltdown. (Sidebar: If you have not watched “Chernobyl,” stop reading this piece and do so immediately.)

Trump is the nuclear reactor here. He is, by nature, unstable. But through a series of measures — mostly cooling rods — his energies are channeled as effectively as possible. Still, instability remains. And the second the methods to keep him mostly in check malfunction, the temperature begins to spike. And spike. And at some point, the temperature reaches a place where there are no solutions that can avoid disaster.

I’m not sure the top of the reactor has blown off just yet. But the cooling rods are out, and there’s no evidence they are going to be reinserted anytime soon. In other words: look out.