As Twitchy reported earlier Wednesday, the Washington Post’s Margaret Sullivan put together a list of five ways Tuesday night’s Democratic debate could and should have been much better. Second on her list of complaints was moderators not “framing the (apparently unavoidable) question about universal health care and how to fund it in a non-gotcha way.”

Sullivan gave credit to Elizabeth Warren for refusing to take the bait (i.e., not answering), but now HuffPost editor-in-chief Lydia Polgreen is echoing her Sullivan’s sentiments. It’s a gotcha question to ask how candidates intend to pay for universal health care.

They have, in a way. Rich people will pay a lot more taxes which will enable the government to offer all sorts of free stuff like free college, free childcare, and free healthcare. As for middle-class earners, sure they’ll pay more, but they’ll still get a lot of free or lower-cost stuff. It’s just getting the “sure they’ll pay more” out of Elizabeth Warren’s mouth. At least Bernie Sanders admits it.

But a gotcha question?

Elizabeth Warren’s got a plan for that … just don’t ask too many “gotcha” questions.