Former United Nations ambassador Susan Rice is promoting her new memoir, “Tough Love,” and The Washington Free Beacon’s Andrew Stiles has published his review. There’s plenty of wonky stuff to sift through, but Adam Kredo got right to the juicy stuff:

Stiles writes:

Iran-deal guru Ben Rhodes was frequently “teased about being one of the girls, given his sensitive side,” but also famous for being “a demon on the dance floor, flipping partners over his back and shoulders.” There is the unnamed 22-year-old White House staffer who years ago “told me how he planned to do unprintable things to me with his tongue” on the Capitol South Metro platform and is “now an elected official.”

Isn’t her duty to out this clown so he doesn’t do it to other women?

Come on, media firefighters … the public wants to know. It’s obviously not a Republican or we’d know already.