As Twitchy reported earlier, Politico ran a piece on the DNC’s secret war room and what’s been going on inside to “prevent a Russia-2016 sequel.” It’s an extensive article, but Politico’s Ryan Lizza highlighted a minor bit on candidate Robert Francis O’Rourke being altered to the fact that he’s been hit with “Beto is a furry” memes on social media.

Lizza reports:

After the September debate, DNC Tech sent out a summary of suspicious activity it spotted by monitoring Twitter. The party found that a Twitter thread by Beto O’Rourke was the target of “dogpiling,” the technical term for when trolls coordinate on one thread to dominate the candidate’s mentions. The Beto dogpile concerned a popular meme that says Beto is a furry.

Did someone mention dogpiling on Beto? It’s been a while since that was done properly, but the Politico piece was inspirational.

Will O’Rourke blame dogpiling for his coming nowhere near the Democratic nomination?