We’re sorry (not really), but whenever former 2020 presidential candidate Eric Swalwell opens his mouth, we’re reminded of the time his mind went directly to the country’s nuclear weapons when confronted with the idea that some might not cooperate with his dream of gun confiscation. Seriously, he preaches about gun violence and then immediately pulls the threat of nukes to quell a citizen rebellion?

So we can’t take very seriously Swalwell’s tweets about that violent “Kingsman” #TrumpVideo that was shown along with other memes in a room at the Trump Doral resort during an event hosted by the pro-Trump group American Priority where, reportedly, very few people saw it. President Trump strongly condemned the video on Monday after hearing about it.

Swalwell used the video to push his Journalist Protection Act … he doesn’t care much about the Second Amendment, but reporters somehow deserve special protections under the law.

The video is the president “expressing deep, abiding hatred for a constitutionally protected free press”? He hadn’t even seen it, and word is that it’s been up on YouTube for a year. Blame the guy who made it if you must, but the president had nothing to do with it.