As Twitchy reported, on Thursday night CNN hosted nine Democratic presidential candidates for its #EqualityTownHall focusing exclusively on LGBTQ issues. This answer from Pete Buttigieg raised a lot of eyebrows at the time, and The Hill retweeted the video Saturday for some reason.

As far as we know, Buttigieg is the only gay candidate in the running, but as we’ve reported, there have been a lot of think pieces on liberal media explaining that Buttigieg’s gayness is problematic: sure, he’s gay, but he’s white, religious (or at least sanctimonious), he goes to church, he’s married, he dresses like a middle manager at an insurance company; he’s just so … normal.

So you’d think it would have been enough for Buttigieg to cruise through the town hall, but in order to prove just how woke he is, he had to point out that he’s white and cisgendered (that is, he’s perfectly cool in his head with the anatomy he was born with) and just couldn’t comprehend what it would be like to be a black trans woman.

Like we said, so woke.

So far the Democrats have had two town halls on climate change and one on LGBTQ issues — what’s next? Maybe do one on the situation at the border so we can find out what illegal immigrants are getting besides free health care.