First, the media tried as best it could to make a victory out of Elizabeth Warren’s DNA test that showed she had probably 1/1024th Native American heritage, and now, all week long, we’ve been reading hot takes in the mainstream media defending Warren’s claim that she was fired from her teaching gig for being visibly pregnant — even though video of her suggests it was entirely her decision, and minutes from the school board meeting at which she resigned show otherwise.

The New York Times said Republicans questioning Warren’s authenticity was a “sexist trope.” CNN did a story on Warren’s pregnancy story, saying it was was one “too many women already know” — but was Warren among them? USA Today took the “Republicans pounced” angle, saying the GOP had “latched on to the changes in Warren’s account.” The Washington Post went to Twitter for proof, saying that “women reality checked [conservatives] on social media.”

They’re a bit late, but The Daily Beast has finally come to Warren’s defense, assuming not only that her story of being fired is true, but accusing the principal of covering it up, essentially.

Well, Joe Biden’s sinking … they have to protect the frontrunner.