We should have known that feminist, former 2020 candidate, and #MeToo champion Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand would jump into the fray and defend Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s ever-changing campaign story of being shown the door by the principal when she was “visibly pregnant,” even though in a 2007 interview she made it sound like the decision was entirely hers, as did school board minutes from the time.

Gillibrand, who invited rape-hoaxer “Mattress Girl” as her guest to the State of the Union address, has demonstrated that she’ll easily fall for a hoax if the narrative fits. But she seems to believe Warren’s story of pregnancy discrimination, or at least she’s glad that Warren’s “powerful story” has inspired other women to come forward with their “real” stories.

You dropped out of the race, you know. You don’t have to pander for votes.

That didn’t stop her from fighting for women’s rights, even then.


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