To be honest, we weren’t going to do a post on this, but then we considered that mainstream media types like Chuck Todd get very, very fussy when you bring up conspiracy theories about the Bidens and Ukraine, and then we saw the ridiculous threat that we’re going to have to deal with Cory Booker if we come after Joe Biden (Kamala Harris isn’t touching the Ukraine angle either and wants everyone to leave Joe Biden alone). Funny how Harris will shiv Biden as some sort of racist over his history with busing but won’t touch Ukraine.

In that light, we bring you both a video and a Twitter thread from Glenn Beck which encourages citizens to look well beyond President Trump’s phone call with Ukraine’s president to the Obama administration and its #UnitedForUkraine hashtag diplomacy.

First, here’s the video courtesy of Mark Levin:

But if you’re in an office cubicle and video just won’t fly, here it is condensed into handy tweet format.

Not to mention, she announced the impeachment inquiry a day before the call transcript was released to the public.

Beck had better be careful or he’s going to have to deal with Booker on this. No Fox News conspiracy theories allowed!


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