We hope you enjoy reading these posts about Scott Presler, aka @ThePersistence. We figure the guy deserves some good press since the mainstream media have ignored him and even the Baltimore Sun questioned his motives … he is a Trump supporter after all and probably went to pick up trash in Baltimore solely to make Rep. Elijah Cummings look bad.

As Twitchy reported, Presler and his crew of volunteers recently traveled to a homeless encampment in Los Angeles and cleaned up 50 tons of trash in nine hours. Now they’re back for a third day of cleanup in Baltimore. Presler promised a woman he calls Miss Louise that he’d be back after the first cleanup, and he kept his promise. And today his crew even sang “Happy Birthday” to her.

Looks like Cummings has gotten right on the situation in Baltimore after Trump called him out on the rodent-infested piles of trash everywhere:

It’s both funny and sad — climate alarmist Greta Thunberg, who’s known around the world for her tantrums, is the odds-on favorite to win a Nobel Peace Prize next week. We’d much rather see it go to Presler and his crew of volunteers who are actually doing something about living conditions now.

We did say that the mainstream media had ignored Presler’s work, but he did appear on Fox News with Tucker Carlson: