We don’t know much about Anti-Fascist Action of America other than they opened a Twitter account in September and may or may not be a parody account. They also have 242 followers and have the hashtag #F**kAmerica in their bio.

The only reason we know anything about them is that they got some attention Tuesday for posting a photo of men and women with rifles along with the message, “We’re ready for your #CivilWar2, Fascists.”

One thing’s certain: the photo isn’t new; it’s of the Phoenix John Brown Gun Club back in 2017. The gun club’s Facebook page does connect the club with “Redneck Revolt,” a far-left, anti-capitalist group, though. (They have the hammer and sickle in their Twitter bio too.)

So, while we ponder whether or not this is an elaborate parody or not, see if the following tweet makes you quake in your boots.

That’s probably not the wisest thing to tweet to the president, but you do you.

It’s got to be.

Gotta be.

Good point.


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