Isn’t it funny how the leftist media go running to Sen. Mitt Romney whenever they need a rational, independent Republican’s take on something President Trump has done, considering how they absolutely savaged the guy during the 2012 election, even breaking in to “correct” him on a true fact during a presidential debate?

Newsbusters reports that, on Friday, MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace opined on how it would be Romney who would sway independents who were otherwise on the fence about impeachment. Where Romeny went, they would go, she argued.

Newsbusters provided a transcript of the exchange with Sam Stein:

I’ve spent my career studying public opinion, and the most credible messages are the ones echoed from both sides of the political spectrum. So if independent voters, swing voters, the kind of voters that have fled Donald Trump since his election, the ones that gave Democrats their big wins in the 2018 midterms, if they see Mitt Romney saying the same thing as Nancy Pelosi, they’re a whole lot more likely to believe it.

Maybe it’s just us, but we don’t consider Pelosi and Romney to be on opposite ends of the political spectrum; Pelosi is way over to the Left, and Romney? Well, he’s just kind of there.

Speaking of, The New York Times was sure to check in with Sen. Romney on this whole impeachment deal, because they too respect him now. And all we learned is that Romney is “deeply troubled.”

Oh, we’re definitely in the “Romney is principled” cycle.

He’s not wrong.

So because Romney is “deeply troubled,” swing voters are gonna swing all the way over to the impeachment-happy Democrats?

She’ll have you know she’s spent her career studying public opinion.