Strange, isn’t it? The Robert Mueller investigation cost millions, lasted years, and had the Left and NeverTrumpers salivating over President Trump’s impeachment, and then it turned out to be a total dud (that Democrats tried to reignite as an obstruction of justice case). But the Ukrainian “quid pro quo” scandal? That thing came out of nowhere and within weeks Speaker Nancy Pelosi was finally announcing that formal impeachment inquiry.

Law professor and MSNBC legal analyst Barb McQuade thinks that the reason the Ukraine “scandal” has caught on with the public so quickly is not that the DNC is desperate to protect 2020 frontrunner Joe Biden and the media is doing all it can to help; the reason it’s caught fire is that it’s not like the Mueller investigation, which “was like an onion with too many layers” — and no core, by the way.

Has she seen that public support for impeachment has actually gone down? The media and Democrats on the Hill might be hyped up, but the rest of the country isn’t.