As Twitchy reported, the Democratic candidates for president, including Andrew Yang, are all campaigning on climate change (what with CNN and MSNBC both setting up marathon town halls on the subject), and Yang hasn’t been shy about saying that government has to do something about Americans’ diets, including weaning them off beef, under his administration by pricing it out of consumers’ reach by adding in the cost to cover the cow’s emissions.

Oh, and here he is at the Polk Co. Steak Fry in Iowa Saturday:

Well, he’s one of the lucky ones who can afford to flip a steak now and then.

In any case, Yang’s campaign shot off a pretty libertarian tweet Saturday:

Not that we disagree, but he did tweet one of those “generally speaking” qualifiers a day before:

So generally speaking, people should be free to do what they want …

Yeah, President Yang isn’t going to implement a “mandatory buyback” of your old gas-guzzling “clunker,” but he insists you will really enjoy your new electric car.