We learned from CNN’s own “climate crisis” town hall with 10 Democratic presidential candidates is that they want to do away with fossil fuels entirely … and yet none of them, with the exception of Andrew Yang, ever seems to suggest nuclear power is the way forward toward providing enough clean energy to keep the country running.

MSNBC is outdoing CNN by having a two-day climate forum with the candidates, and when Marianne Williamson was asked about her thoughts on nuclear energy, she implored the audience to go beyond the hard data and think about it with their hearts.

After watching that, we wonder how she even leaves the house knowing there are more than 50 active nuclear power plants generating power right now for Americans. Let’s see … Williamson was born in 1952, so she must have been in her twenties when she saw “The China Syndrome” in the theater and freaked out.

And yet it’s nowhere to be found in the Green New Deal.

Who says she isn’t? She says that conservatives have been nicer to her than Democrats as a candidate.

She can catch a ride on Greta Thunberg’s solar-powered boat … and then fly back.