How’s this for a “gotcha”? Heidi Przybyla writes over at NBC News Thursday that Attorney General William Barr wrote a blurb for a 2017 book that accuses colleges and universities of unfairly punishing male students accused of rape.


Przybyla writes:

Barr’s praise for “Campus Rape Frenzy: The Attack on Due Process at America’s Universities” by K.C. Johnson and Stuart Taylor, is posted on the book’s page. But during his confirmation hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee in January, Barr was not questioned about the blurb, which suggested men are often railroaded by a politically correct campus “mob.”

In the blurb, Barr praises the book for examining multiple cases where, as he described, “Male students are sacrificed to the mob, with academic leaders happily serving as the hangmen.”

Geez, Heidi, we’re sorry you found that blurb months to late to be used by the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee. Next time, maybe.

OFA and Hillary Clinton veteran Jesse Lehrich tweeted the piece, also apparently believing there’s a story here.


Just curious … has anyone read the book? We haven’t, but if you want posts about college men who were railroaded out of school over flimsy or even straight-up bogus sexual assault charges, we’ve got ’em.