Here’s some top-shelf political analysis from MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, and he seems more than certain about it. He seems to think that the reason Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been dragging her feet on the impeachment of President Trump is she doesn’t want the public galvanized on it.

Maybe Chris Hayes is right, and maybe Pelosi is right, too? We certainly don’t like her politics, but she’s pretty shrewd, as she demonstrated when she soundly dismissed “the squad” by reminding The New York Times that they might have their Twitter worlds but they’re also only four votes out of 435.

You mean that not every Democrat is a card-carrying member of The Resistance? You’d think the Dems would have figured that out by Joe Biden, who’s allegedly the “moderate” presidential candidate, topping all of the polls, even before he joined the race.

In other words, not everyone follows Chris Hayes on Twitter.

Impeach Pelosi! That’s an idea that really should get trending.

Yeah, why isn’t the media doing more cheerleading for Rep. Jerry Nadler and the House Judiciary Committee’s impeachment inquiry?

Or an in-kind contribution to the Trump 2020 campaign?