As Twitchy reported, 2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang and ousted “Saturday Night Live” comic Shane Gillis might be sitting down together very soon after Yang reached out on hearing of Gillis’s firing, partly over his use of racist words to describe Asians.

But is Andrew Yang guilty of racism himself? At the third Democratic presidential debate, plenty of ears perked up when he said he knew a lot of doctors. Let’s see what some of the blue-checks had to say.

Uh, sorry guys, but Vox says that Yang’s use of Asian stereotypes is reinforcing toxic tropes.

And that troubling message is? Vox reports:

Yang’s statements have spurred mixed reactions from the Asian American community. While some of his supporters told Vox that the jokes are cheeky in-group references that acknowledge Yang’s Asianness, other voters are concerned they reinforce longstanding racist stereotypes about Asian Americans and other minority groups.

“I feel like it’s an in-group kind of comment. He is, himself, an Asian American, so he has the right to mention or allude to that stereotype on his terms,” Yang supporter Mudit Verma told Vox, regarding the candidate’s recurring math references.

University of Maryland American studies professor Janelle Wong is among those who feel differently. “I think he has done so much to counter stereotypes that it undermines a lot of the important work that his campaign is doing,” she told Vox.

Notice of course that it’s the university professor, of course, who finds Yang’s quips problematic.