Plenty, including the Women’s March, rejoiced when Macy’s announced it was introducing a hijab-friendly fashion line to its online catalog (but then again, they were boycotting the chain over its affiliation with the Trumps, so …).

That was last year. Now Nike is introducing its official Toronto Raptors hijab, “inspired by those brave enough to change the game.”

Color Herald Sun blogger Rita Panahi unimpressed:

It’s true that Iran recently announced it was unleashing 2,000 “morality police” in response to protests in which women were taking off their state-mandated hijabs. We have seen a lot of celebration of the hijab in Western media, from Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue featuring a model in a hijab and burqini to the hijab-wearing Barbie doll to rap videos about wearing it.

But to a lot of people in the West, it’s tough to see the hijab, even made by Nike, as anything but a symbol of oppression.

Probably about the same time their elementary schools start teaching their kids an LGBT-friendly curriculum.

That’s why we’re forced to respect someone like Rep. Ilhan Omar who says wearing the hijab on the House floor meant “power, liberation, beauty, and resistance.”