We all know that 2020 long-shot presidential candidate Andrew Yang is a fan of his “Freedom Dividend,” and under his administration, each American citizen would receive $1,000 a month, regardless — a policy he promoted at the most recent Democratic debate by announcing a $120,000 giveaway to 10 families for a year.

Here he is further explaining UBI: Imagine the United States government is a big company producing $20 trillion in revenue each year, and each citizen is a shareholder of that company — you’d probably want a dividend, right?

Our first question, which we think is pretty obvious — what does this company “do” to produce that much revenue, anyway?

And second, as Nikki Haley pointed out this week, this company’s budget deficit just broke $1 trillion in less than a year:

We know that Yang thinks the country can spend its way into prosperity by paying people to do nothing, but that corporation/shareholders analogy is just terrible.

And checkmate.