Twitchy has, unfortunately for us, been compiling some of the hotter takes on this, the 18th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, when according to the New York Times, some planes did something.

Perhaps still number one but now with serious competition was Nation contributor Joshua Holland musing about “all of these conservatives who despised New York and DC and all the people living in those cities pretending that they felt some deep, personal loss.”

Plenty were on hand to point out that 1) there were a lot of conservatives inside the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, 2) there were people from all over and of all political persuasions on the planes that were hijacked, and 3) it was just a horrible thing to say.

Retired United States Marine and Fox News contributor Johnny “Joey” Jones is another of those who Holland probably assumed “hated New York and D.C.” but decided to do something about what happened to them. Jones was deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan and lost both his legs above the knee while serving as a bomb disposal technician.

We’re guessing Holland would complain that “No one asked you to join the military-industrial complex,” but we’re thankful for Jones’ service.

We don’t have room for all the thank you’s, but we’ll try to work in quite a few.