Tal Kopan is a veteran of both CNN and Politico and is now the Washington correspondent for the San Francisco Chronicle. It wouldn’t seem that far out of the ordinary, then, for her to approach Speaker Nancy Pelosi Tuesday about where the House stands on gun control legislation. Apparently, Pelosi was not a fan of the question.

Was Kopan forced out of Politico and CNN because she’s a conservative? We really doubt it. But now she’s being pummeled with accusations of partisanship and misogyny for not asking “Moscow” Mitch McConnell what he’s done about gun control.

Wow, more than 550 likes for that one.

Is it a correspondent’s job to hold a politician’s feet to the fire?

Isn’t there one reporter with the guts to question this maniac?

So far we have a correspondent who’s supposed to “stalk,” “hound,” and “target” politicians on issues. Republicans are so lucky to have the media on their side.