We didn’t exactly need a screenshot from the newspaper that originally reported Wednesday morning on the 18 years “since airplanes took aim and brought down the World Trade Center,” but it doesn’t hurt either.

Ben Shapiro checked with the New York Times’ Opinion section Wednesday morning, and in a selection of 10 opinion pieces, only one is about the 9/11 anniversary … and that one is Omer Aziz “mourning the life I lived before I learned that I was different.”

At least we got, “We Will Never, Ever Be Rid of Donald Trump” from Frank Bruni — that’s pretty fresh. But there are a lot of people who could say 9/11 took a world away from them and they’re mourning lives, too.

To be fair, the Times does have stories about the anniversary of the terrorist attack … but some more opinion pieces would have been appreciated; social media looks like the place to be to really hear people remember what happened that day and how they still feel today.