It was back in April when Twitchy posted a thread by Arabic Al Aan TV reporter Jenan Moussa, who had found a cellphone in Syria filled with photos and videos of “ISIS widow” Omaima Abdi, who had married two of Germany’s “most known ISIS members.”

“Thousands of pics show she carries a gun, arms her child, and marries jihadist Deso Dogg,” Moussa tweeted.

It was assumed that Abdi was killed in Syria, but Moussa tracked her down and discovered her “quietly living” in Hamburg, Germany “as if nothing happened.”

That quiet life in Hamburg came to an end Monday when authorities arrested Abdi in Hamburg.

Here’s an excerpt from The Daily Mail’s report:

An ISIS widow of a German rapper turned ‘Goebbels’ of the caliphate, has been arrested in Hamburg, prosecutors revealed on Monday.

[Her] phone contained 36GB of data including evidence that pointed towards her online recruitment of western females and pictures of with a rifle-wielding fighter from Luton who is known to have links to British hate preacher Anjem Choudary.

The mine of data also uncovered possible contact details in Syria for a teen ISIS bride from Lewisham in southeast London.

The Sunday Times said there was also evidence that Abdi was a pivotal member in an online propaganda circle dubbed ‘the Mumsnet for jihadi brides’.

The ‘Free Our Sisters’ group lauded female terrorists jailed in Britain and celebrated the anniversary of 9/11 by posting a picture of a cake decorated with two towers and the face of Osama bin Laden.

And here’s a common complaint we find on journalist Twitter:

We’re happy to make sure Moussa gets the credit. Great work and about time.


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