We haven’t seen “Joker” yet — it doesn’t come out in theaters until October 4 — but we have seen one blue-check comic editor tweet a Facebook complaint that “nails” why the movie is certainly problematic.

“I don’t know if there ever is a good time for a movie that paints mass murder as the logical conclusion of a socially isolated, debatably neurodivergent white man being failed by the system,” says Rachel Miller, “and I don’t want to be around any of the lonely white boys who relate to it.”

It seems like only earlier today we were writing about how Pennywise the child-eating clown from “It” was homophobic, as if the homicidal harlequin who is literally evil incarnate were ever an LGBTQ ally to begin with.

We don’t know if “Joker” is what prompted former Daily Show producer and Letterman writer Jena Friedman to tweet this or if she just had serial killers in mind and thought she’d make a comment about Republicans — the important part was slamming Republicans.

She’s currently touring a show according to her Twitter bio, so maybe this is a bit she’s trying out?

This is what happens when everything is politics.

No, we get that it was a joke … it just sucked.

Speaking of serial killers … why were Democrats so freaked out that the “transparently racist, repulsive” “Gosnell” movie was going to screen at the White House?