Amanda Marcotte is a politics writer for Salon, and she really liked a piece by Zack Beauchamp at Vox but didn’t think it went quite far enough, so she penned a piece arguing that the worldwide rise of authoritarianism (which of course includes American under President Trump) “is a direct result of men’s profound unwillingness to share power with women.”

We were kind of surprised she didn’t namecheck the patriarchy but rather settled on misogyny — the former is probably implied.

It is LBGT people who are told they have a duty to hide their sexuality? In America? And what’s this about “conservatives” attempting to ban same-sex marriage? Even Barack Obama had to “evolve” on the issue before eventually lighting up the White House in pride colors to celebrate what he’d originally campaigned against.

It’s funny … American men who would choose fascism over feminism and would like to see “The Handmaid’s Tale” become reality (if it isn’t already) are the same ones cheering the women in Iran taking off their government-mandated hijabs.

Men around the world would rather invent dishwashers than have anybody do the dishes.

Virtue signal received.

We’re not sure why Marcotte deleted this one, but it’s interesting:

“We don’t want to admit that women are important enough to inspire a worldwide rise of fascism” — good like untying that one.