Is it possible for a conservative to feel bad for Kathy Griffin? She’s certainly been less than kind to conservatives, and that dead-eyed photo of her holding up a bloody facsimile of the president’s disembodied head, Taliban-style, wasn’t something his son needed to see.

So we really thought we had reached the end of the world — the bottom of the pit, at least — when Griffin announced that she was holding a press conference about the whole thing … with attorney Lisa Bloom, daughter of Gloria Allred. The press conference, held back in June 2017, was a disaster, but for some reason, Griffin is throwing Bloom under the bus Monday and saying she hadn’t even seen the “glamor shots” that had been tweeted out.

Who’s worse? You decide:

It was a train wreck.

That is a very good question.

Lisa Bloom? You think?


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