The “clever” thing to do these days on Twitter is to put up an image and urge your followers not to post it because it makes such-and-such politician angry when you do it … and then your Resistance finger accidentally hits “Retweet,” and — oops! — you’ve shared it.

We honestly don’t think a lot gets to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell … his campaign operation, Team Mitch, is famous for taking jabs and making them into badges of honor. At his campaign store, you can buy Cocaine Mitch T-shirts, Grim Reaper T-shirts, and, for a while at least, Amy McGrath flip-flops after she did a 180 on Brett Kavanaugh.

Now he was a new nickname — #MoscowMitch — implying that the reason he’s the grim reaper when it comes to bringing legislation to the floor is that he’s a puppet of Putin. There are plenty of #MoscowMitch memes out there, but we were kind of impressed with the way this one subtly combines McConnell with Josef Stalin.

It’s actually kind of flattering … McConnell ought to try growing a mustache.

You’d actually be surprised how many people in the comments are complaining that the meme-makers would compare someone like McConnell to a great hero like Stalin.

Team Mitch will probably lift the image, make a cool T-shirt out of it, and make a bunch of money.