Remember back in April, soon after he’d announced his bid for president, that Joe Biden released an internet video essentially confessing that his handlers had sat him down and explained the 21st-century idea of “personal space” to him? “Politics to me has always been about making connections,” he told the camera, “but I will be more mindful about respecting personal space in the future.

That awkward Kevin Spacey-like explanation didn’t go over so well, but then good friend and #MeToo figurehead Alyssa Milano stood up as a character witness for Biden, saying that he was just “super-affectionate,” and that’s why he seemed so obsessed with sniffing women’s hair and kissing them on the back of the neck uninvited.

We’ve got to admit he’s been a lot better, but we’re not sure about his cat:

Kitty just has that “old-school” way of making personal connections, and it involves a lot of sniffing.

Donald Trump will tweet this the minute he sees it.