Here’s some good news and some bad news for New Yorkers. The good news is that he’s still campaigning for president, which means he’s out of town … a lot. The Daily Mail recently reported that, in May, the month he’d announced his run, he’d scheduled a whopping 11 hours in city hall.

You’d think … and there’s the bad news. It seems that 0 percent approval rating in the polls is taking its toll, and if the mayor doesn’t make the cut for the next round of Democratic debates, he might be back in New York taking his SUV entourage across the street to the gym and killing groundhogs. It seems he’s holding out (still) for a “viral moment” to invigorate his campaign.

“People go from unheard of to totally famous in 72 hours in America now,” de Blasio said Wednesday. “So a candidate like me who’s not that well known yet, you ask me in 72 hours, right? And something might change.”

Who’s not well know yet … yeah, that’s the problem.

But he’s getting serious now … if he’s not on stage during the next debate, he just can’t see a path forward for de Blasio 2020.

The New York GOP had some advice: