On Tuesday, dedicated #NeverTrump media guy Rick Wilson laid out a multi-tweet thread of questions Democratic candidates need to ask themselves every single day. “Is your campaign more interested in being woke or a winner?” he asked, adding that “if you spend one minute or $1 in a state that isn’t in the Electoral College mix, you’re helping Trump win.”

Hey, it’s good advice, and a better strategy than hoping the Electoral College will just disappear in the next year.

One follower vehemently disagreed when it came to Bernie Sanders:

And more hard truth from Wilson:

There are plenty of die-hard Bernie Bros. out there still, and the old socialist still manages to command the attention of young, white voters, most of whom probably want their student loans forgiven. But Sanders beating Trump in 2020? Nah.

“50 years of weird behavior” is the most concise description of Sanders we’ve ever heard.

We hate to break it to you Democrats, but Biden and Sanders are your frontrunners — at least they were, but that’s slipping away fast.

We’re nearly 100 percent sure it’s not going to be Sanders on the ballot … again. He’s got real competition this time, coming from the Left of all places.

It would be cool to see him lose 44 states though.