The NBC affiliate in the Dallas-Fort Worth area is taking a rather flimsy poll on universal background checks, asking followers if they support them without offering any idea just what they entail — you only get to say yes or no and that’s it.

When we first peeked in at the results, the votes were overwhelmingly in favor of universal background checks, but since we started this post — and since the poll has gone viral — the numbers have shifted drastically to a near tie at 52 percent for and 48 percent against.

The thing is, if you went by the comments and not the numbers, you’d swear the public was 99 percent opposed to universal background checks, whatever those might entail.

Not at first, at least.

It would be nice if we were all on the same page regarding “assault weapons” and “universal” background checks.

Exactly … maybe nail that down at the next Democratic presidential debate?

P.S. Since we started writing this post, the numbers have flipped from 46 for to 54 percent against, and we don’t see that trend changing.


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