As Twitchy reported earlier, following a mass shooting at an El Paso Walmart, the retailer has announced it will stop selling handguns in its stores in Alaska and will “stop selling handgun ammunition and ammunition commonly used in assault-style weapons.”

Which is one of the reasons the “actually the AR stands for ArmaLite” people are so concerned about the terms being used in gun legislation and bans like Walmart’s … is it an assault-style weapon, an assault weapon, or a military-style weapon, or a weapon of war, or …?

The New York Times is reporting that Walmart will stop selling “key ammunition used in military-style weapons.”

Which leads to the question:

Don’t forget … the police in the U.K. want you to let them know if you see anyone suspiciously purchasing a hammer in a hardware store — see something, say something.


Yep. Unless Marianne Williamson is elected and bans the manufacture and sale of bullets or President Kamala Harris closes down the “online sales loophole” that lets you buy a gun with one click.