Remember the Women’s March, the not-at-all-racist organization co-founded by Louis Farrakhan fangirls Linda Sarsour and Tamika Mallory. Tablet ran a lengthy exposé showing how anti-Semitism was baked into the Women’s March from the very first meeting of its organizers, and then other media outlets finally stepped up and followed up. It got so bad that even Alyssa Milano and the SPLC said she the Women’s March was too toxic for them to participate in 2019.

Check out this bit of problematic hand-wringing from the L.A. Times back in January as the 2019 march was gearing up:

“Life is full of contradictions.” Life is also full of irony, such as the Women’s March asking followers on Twitter to share their personal stories of confronting racist family members, and if you’re a progressive activist who wears a pussy hat, chances are you consider everyone in your family a racist.

Here are a couple of real stories, just to show how sad things have become when everyone who isn’t you is a Nazi:

So confronting your racist family members usually ends in never talking to them again? Sounds like a great way to change hearts and minds.