An ad from the Swedish Armed Forces from EuroPride 2018 started making the rounds this week with this proud anti-fascist message attached:

“We don’t always march straight” certainly struck fear into all of the anti-LGBT fascists in Sweden. Volt, the ad agency that designed the campaign, described it this way:

Usually when The Swedish Armed Forces put paint on their faces it is to camouflage themselves.

During EuroPride 2018 they wanted to do the opposite — they wanted to be seen. They wanted to make a statement with the potential to echo across Europe to show that they stand up for the values they’re tasked with defending, and the equal worth of all people regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.

Um, OK. That doesn’t bother us, but it does raise some questions, including some about fascists — real ones.

So even the LBGT community is upset because the pride flag is being coopted by the armed forces. Good ad otherwise, though; we’re sure Sweden feels safe from an invasion of homophobes.