This thread from pro-Trump memesmith Carpe Donktum is a few days old, but we wanted to get back to it for a couple of reasons. First, it nicely fills out a post we did on CNN’s Brian Stelter earlier, in which he was called out for tweeting a few years back that The Onion News Network was “perhaps the best parody of cable news anywhere,” whereas in a new tweet he called The Babylon Bee “a fake news site” whose writers like to call it “satire.”

That was just one pair of tweets, but Donktum has been busy searching through Stelter’s online history and pulling up other examples of him praising The Onion.

And then came The Babylon Bee, a Christian, conservative-leaning satire site:

“It tries to trick people?” But The Onion “was a joke, and only a joke,” and everybody seemed OK with that.

And of course, we have fact-checking site seriously investigating claims that CNN purchased “an industrial-sized washing machine to spin the news.”

Now journalists practically melt down when they see Forever 21 selling biker shorts with the words “Fake News” on them.

OK, another reason we wanted to feature Carpe Donktum; he has an announcement:

We haven’t yet visited, but if it contains material as we’ve seen so far, we’re in. How long until CNN mounts a campaign to have it taken down? How long until it’s accused of being a Russian troll farm? Stay tuned.