The anti-air-conditioning movement kicked into full swing in July, when we learned from far-left socialist outlet Jacobin that air conditioning is “class war” and that “millions of you are suffering in overly air-conditioned workplaces right now” because the owners control the temperature.

We also learned last year that air conditioning is “notoriously sexist” when former gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon asked that the debate hall be kept at 76°, while her opponent Andrew Cuomo wanted it “arctic.” And then are always plenty of opinion pieces arguing that we don’t need air conditioning at all and should just give it up.

Jennifer Titus, an investigative reporter at Tampa’s WTSP, has shared a new report that gives recommended settings for your thermostat, although they don’t seem to be personalized by gender or class status.

We don’t know about you, but if it’s 82°F, we’re not sleeping.