More and more journalists are getting assigned to follow the alt-right and right-wing extremists. Remember Talia Lavin, who was supposed to teach a course at NYU this summer on “Reporting on the Far-Right”? She’s also the former fact-checker who smeared a former Marine as a Nazi by misidentifying his tattoo, but that didn’t stop Media Matters from hiring her on as a researcher “on far-right extremism and the alt-right.”

HuffPost too has its open reporter covering “the far right, disinformation, and hate.” Here he is keeping an eye on the fascists at Saturday’s “End Domestic Terrorism” rally in Portland.

So if you’re there to rally against Antifa, then you’re a fascist? Hey, there might be some fascists in the crowd, but then again, we all know how triggering the sight of an American flag or a MAGA hat can be. If Alyssa Milano says a red hat is no different than a white hood, who are we to disagree?

Yeah, we know.

He covers the far-right and hate, so he’s got to come up with some far-right hate.

Hey, it’s not like Mathias just throws the word “fascist” around indiscriminately; we’re just saying, this is his pinned tweet:


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