We’re hearing a lot of Democrats trying to spin Israel’s decision not to admit Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar as President Trump’s fault, as though one tweet from him convinced Israel to enforce its existing law against banning those who support the BDS movement.

As we already reported, Chuck Schumer thought the whole affair would weaken American support for Israel —we’re certainly not seeing that; we’re seeing calls for Tlaib and Omar to be banned from the U.S. too — and a couple of Democratic candidates for 2020 have come out in defense of The Squad:

“Exporting intolerance?” Who are the ones who lobbied for a boycott of another country — one of America’s strongest allies? Let’s talk about anti-Semitism if you want to talk intolerance.

Anyway, we know you’re all wondering what former Sen. Jeff Flake had to say about all this, so without further ado:

Imagine … a sovereign nation with control over its borders.

Well said.