Kathy Griffin is weird, but you knew that. It wasn’t too long ago that older white guy President Trump had “broken” her by bullying her; actually, by tweeting about her by name and expressing his outrage that his son Barron had to see a photo of her holding his bloody, disembodied head in a promo shot.

She seems to have bounced back, and now Trump lives rent-free in her head, and we’re not even talking about the same way he lives rent-free in Bette Midler’s head or Rob Reiner’s head. She took the time Tuesday to alert Trump that the Emmys weren’t “horrendous” — but she had to reach all the way back to Sept. 24, 2012, for his tweet.

OK, we get that she’s promoting her hit feature film, “Kathy Griffin: A Hell of a Story.” But if you go to boxofficemojo.com, you see that her hit feature film, which opened July 31 at a whopping 648 theaters, has so far grossed $208,907.

Is Trump supposed to be hurt by this?

It’s a hit!

We’re pretty sure all awards were revealed as meaningless when Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize in advance and then sunk the country into war the entire eight years of his administration.

He does have to Grammys for his two audiobooks, though. You know he earned those.