Twitchy readers know that we’ve long been compiling anecdotes for our “Big Book of Really Amazingly Woke Kids.” What’s an amazingly woke kid? You know Playboy White House correspondent and would-be pugilist Brian Karem? He was just riding the train one day when a young Hispanic boy saw his press credentials (which has been suspended, by the way) and asked, “Why does the president hate me?” That’s one woke kid.

Now the Washington Examiner has revealed that Rep. Elijah Cummings’ 10-year-old niece is one of those really amazingly woke kids. He gave a speech Wednesday in which he recounted this conversation with his niece:

“She said, ‘Uncle Elijah, are they going to put us in cages? Are they going to put us in cages?’ This is coming from a 10-year-old,” said Cummings. “We are better than that. We must stand together with those who we do not look like, who we do not agree with, and recognize that we have more in common than we have that separates us.”

“When I have my niece asking ‘Are they going to put us in cages?’ there is just something wrong with that,” said Cummings.

To be fair, Cummings’ niece is too young to remember kids being put in cages by the Obama administration, so she must be paying attention to media coverage of President Trump’s “concentration camps” for kids.

The last we’d heard about Cummings, he was being “attacked” for neglecting a rodent-infested mess back in his home district, and it took a Trump supporter and some 200 volunteers to actually do something and clear away 12 tons of trash. Their reward? Being trashed as racists by The Baltimore Sun.

We hate to say it, but if his niece lives in Baltimore, she should be asking him if she’s going to be shot by some gang-banger.