As Twitchy reported, Republicans pounced when Rep. Joaquin Castro posted a list of names and occupations of San Antonians who’d donated the maximum amount ($2,700!) to the Trump campaign. Yes, it was public information, but there was no news value in tweeting it out — though there might have been value in shaming and intimidating these people, at least one of whom has claimed to have received threatening voicemails.

It was a terrible idea to begin with, and it also backfired; it turns about that at least six people on the list had also contributed to Castro or his brother, presidential candidate Julian Castro, and they weren’t happy about making his list of shame.

Castro isn’t apologizing — he said there was no “call to action,” so it’s not his fault if people start harassing the people on his list. He also managed to find a sympathetic ear in MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough. You see, his post wasn’t mean to shame anyone … it was “actually a lament.”

Just admit it was a mistake and apologize.