What an idiot.

A Florida man explained that he was just making a political statement when he walked into a Walmart and asked them to sell him a gun he could use to kill 200 people. Walmart wasn’t amused.

Julio Rosas reports for the Washington Examiner that Phil Attey was trying to make an anti-gun statement because he saw “someone who looked like a white nationalist” purchase a gun. Did fact-checker Talia Lavin spot any Nazi tattoos on him to be sure?

It “was for them [Walmart] to wake up and think about their role in the gun violence toxic climate that we have,” he said.

The clerk said Attey asked him, “Can you sell me anything (or a gun) that would kill 200 people?” When the worker replied, “That isn’t funny,” Attey said, “I know,” and asked again if they could sell him anything that would kill 200 people.

They should have directed him to the chainsaw bayonets.

Yeah, that’s a great idea. Because no one walks into a gun shop to purchase a firearm for self-defense or just for sport; odds are they’re a mass shooter who wants to kill as many people as possible.