There’s a new Quinnipiac University poll out Tuesday, showing the bump each Democratic candidate got from the second round of debates. Kamala Harris fared best, getting a 6 point bounce out of her debate showing, and Joe Biden slid two points to 32 percent.

The big news, though, isn’t the question of who won the debates, but whom Democratic voters consider most electable — and on that question, Biden blows the rest away:

And of course, Uncle Joe’s handlers are pushing him further and further left, having him embrace policies like free health care for illegal immigrants and the repeal of the Hyde Amendment.

Misogyny among the Democratic party is alive and well.

Or … it could just be that the majority of people aren’t in the MAGA or Resistance camps, aren’t paying attention, and simply recognize Biden’s name.

They do, but Nikki Haley’s not running this time around.

It’s astounding to us how Eric Swalwell has been the only one with the sense to drop out, and he’s an idiot.