Maybe one of the reasons conservatives respect and revere the Constitution and advocate for constitutionalist judges on the Supreme Court is that they realize what a forward-looking document it was and remains today. It was several years ago, but you might remember President Barack Obama attending a gun round table admitting that he was “constrained” by the Constitution when it came to enacting his will.

And now we have 2020 hopeful Kamala Harris announcing, even before this weekend’s mass shootings, that if elected, she will give Congress 100 days “to get their act together and … pass reasonable gun safety laws” or else she will then take executive action … which sounds unconstitutional to us.

There’s a tired argument that comes up every time there’s a mass shooting (that makes the news), and this time around we have professor and former ambassador Michael McFaul to tee it up:

First, despite what Piers “Musket” Morgan would have you believe, the Founders had some pretty impressive firepower.

And then there’s always the question, why limit the argument to only the Second Amendment?

Exactly. But that didn’t stop McFaul with continuing on to the next worn-out gun control trope: No one needs a gun they wouldn’t use for hunting. It’s like 2020 hopeful Amy Klobuchar saying she evaluates any gun policy by asking, “Does this hurt my uncle Dick in his deer stand?” — because that’s what the founders had in mind.

Maybe if the Left would retire (or at least define) the term “assault weapon” we’d have some starting ground for a real conversation on guns.