If we wanted to — and if we wanted to publish so many obscenities as to trigger Facebook’s algorithm to declare us a porn site — we could just do a post on all the people blaming Saturday’s mass shooting in El Paso on Dana Loesch, who was already put on a show trial on CNN following the Parkland mass shooting. Her fingerprints are on the gun the shooter used Saturday, don’t you know.

Here’s a typical tweet, but the reason we include it is for CNN political contributor Joan Walsh’s contribution to the thread, which consisted of what might be considered a joke if it didn’t so closely follow a horrific tragedy in which at least 20 were killed.

Loesch has been handing out a lot of “God Blesses” Saturday.

Always classy to bring Loesch’s kids into it — they always do. But wait, here’s Walsh making a funny:

Get it? Because one of Loesch’s sponsors is Super Beets. That’s what makes it funny. And speaking of funny, it’s funny how no one ever drags Kathy Griffin for being dumped as the face of Squatty Potty.

At least 20 people are dead, but she got in a good burn, so it all works out in the end.

Boy, she sure owned Loesch. Maybe she can work that into her standup act.


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