As Twitchy reported, #KamalaHarrisDestroyed started trending on Twitter after the Democratic primary debate on CNN Wednesday night after Tusli Gabbard laid into Kamala Harris’ record as a prosecutor and revealed some really ugly truths about her tenure — truths Harris dismissed as “fancy opinions on a stage” and not the reality of the job she was hired to do.

Americans were informed — no, warned — in the hours after the debate to beware of Russian bots targeting Harris on behalf of Gabbard and trying to “sow racial discord.” This dire warning came not from the Harris campaign but through a proxy; New York Times contributing op-ed writer and CNN contributor Wajahat Ali.

Thanks, totally unbiased blue-check journalist guy — if we see any anti-Harris posts, we’ll know they’re just Russian bots. Take, for example, this tweet from Harris about funding for President Trump’s border wall:

We’ve been following retired Marine Corps gunnery sergeant Jessie Jane Duff for years without realizing she’s just a Russian bot trying to confuse Harris supporters.

That’s just what a Russian bot would say. Still pretty brutal though.

He’s not lying; the No. 1 issue with Trump supporters in 2016 was illegal immigration, and the Democrats have wisely decided to tap into that by pledging free health care and free college to illegal immigrants, as well as decriminalizing border crossings.

Um, read her bio. It’s pretty short.