We say all the time that CNN is a hive mind that quickly assimilates any hires who might have at one time had independent viewpoints. We thought Jack Tapper was successfully resisting that brainwashing, but we can’t help but wonder more and more if he’s just given up.

On Saturday, the same day that President Trump had called out Rep. Elijah Cummings and told him to bring his own district up to the living standards of the migrant detention centers he’d just toured, an old tweet from Bernie Sanders started making the rounds in which the 1-percenter socialist with three houses likened parts of Baltimore to North Korea:

People also dug of coverage of his 2015 campaign stop in Baltimore, when he said it was impossible to distinguish some neighborhoods from third-world countries. Anyone paying attention knows he said it — so why doesn’t Tapper push him on it? Maybe he did and that bit’s just edited out, but Caleb Hull has the two video clips playing back to back:

Can the guy even give a straight answer to anything?

We can imagine him being president … just not America’s president.

Like HUD’s Lynn Patton asked: The feds gave Cummings’ district $16 billion in grants in 2018 alone … what happened to it? We know they scraped together $100,000 to bus school kids to the anti-NRA March for Our Lives in D.C. to hear David Hogg speak.

Hey CNN, it’s your show tonight. Are you going to ask Sanders if he still thinks Baltimore is a third-world country?

He was just swinging through town looking for votes … it’s not like he was going to remember any of these people.

The cranky old socialist millionaire one-percenter thing just isn’t doing well in the polls this time around. The more he talks, the lower his poll numbers go.