Comfortably Smug is right: This is a pretty amazing segment on CNN, in that the producers actually ran video of the president defending his “attacks” on Rep. Elijah Cummings and Baltimore, where the rats photobomb the local news segment on cue. They do cut away a lot (if this were President Obama they’d say it was “doctored”), but they let Trump say his piece: A lot of people are glad he called out Cummings and the garbage dump he’s allowed his district to become.

They sure did. But it’s good to know the host was right there to push back against Trump’s claim that he’s probably done more for the African-American community than perhaps any other president and nominate Abraham Lincoln for that honor … another Republican, for what its worth. Guess no recent Democrat presidents came to mind.

“Perhaps only Abraham Lincoln has done more for blacks in America than President Trump” — CNN.